Ableton Live 8 part - introduction

Welcome to the Program

Welcome to your 8 Module Ableton introduction course

I’m thrilled you've decided to take the very first step in your music making journey. Here's a quick video I'd like you to watch first:
During this 8 Module introduction course, we will make use both online and in-person teaching. I'm going to super charge your journey into music making and music production.

We are going to look at a broad overview into the different parts of music production and help you develop your skills in the fastest way possible.

I’ll share material that took me years to learn through working with people just like you in one on one classes, reading, attending classes, master classes, working with other and much more

How it works?

I encourage you to make as much music as possible in between in person classes. the first part of the class will be dedicated for Q and A and review of last week's topic to ensure we are on track.

If you feel like you would like spend more than one class on a module feel free to book a 2nd or 3rd or more...understanding is more important than rushing through.

Enjoy the program!


PS. If at any point you have technical or account questions, please contact via the support link at the bottom of the page and my team will get back to you as soon as possible.