Ableton Live 8 week introduction

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Welcome to Module 2 - Drums/Effects chains and Samplers

In this session we are going to start exploring midi samplers and creating simple drum and bass grooves

Notes for class

Ensure you have emailed through your projects prior to your class.

Including using the "collect all and save" function discuss in week 1.

Dropbox, Google drive or We-transfer links are all acceptable formats

Any questions just contact via email

Look forward to seeing you soon
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Module 2 - Automation Refresher

About Video

This video is a refresher from the last class. Automation can be a little tricky to get your head around. But is one of the keys to bring your track to life.

Module 2 - Creating Collections

About Video

This video dives into a useful workflow feature in Ableton Live. Collections allows us to easily navigate our library. samples, presets and favourite plugins easily

Module 2 - Effects Chains

About Video

This video showcases how to save your effects chains. A good collection effects chains mean we can easily access our complex signal chains without needing to redo them in every project.

Module 2

Student Downloads

This module's download is selection of simpler based instrument to use in your productions.



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