Ableton Live 8 week introduction

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Welcome to Module 3.

We look at MIDI Mapping: Map up knobs and faders creating groups and get started with synthesisers

Notes for class

Ensure you have emailed through your projects prior to your class.

Including using the "collect all and save" function discuss in week 1.

Dropbox, Google drive or We-transfer links are all acceptable formats

Any questions just contact via email

Look forward to seeing you soon
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Module 3 - Creating Macros

About this Video

In this video we learn how to create and use macros. Ableton live's easy to use macro feature allows us to create complex automations and effects chain and access them with ease.

Module 3 - Grouping Tracks

About this Video

In this video we learn how to use track grouping to simplify our projects and give us the abilty to process multiple channels at the same time.

Module 3 - A.D.S.R revision

About this video

In this video we look at Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release and how we can get better control over our samples, samplers or synth sounds.

Module 3 - Resampling Audio

About this video

In this video we are going to look how to set Ableton live to re-sample our audio. This is common production techniques you will see in lots of different style of music for interesting effects.

Module 3 - Matching notes in Samplers

About this video

In this video we are going to look how we can alter the pitch of sample to ensure we are getting playback and our samples do what we want them to do.

Week 3

Student Downloads

This week is a free collection of creative macro devices you can use in your production. These are things you can use, modify or even see how they are put together to create your own macros


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Congratulations on completing Module 3.

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