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What we do

Signpost Audio prides itself on providing a boutique and professional hybrid music space. We provide services range from custom audio for stage and screen, post-production, sound design, mixing, songwriting and much more.

Alongside our professional services, we provide custom 1-to-1 DJ lessons, Ableton, Maschine, Protools, Logic or other music production classes. These are tailored to fit our clients and range from professional artist skill development to the complete beginner.

Our unique approach means we develop a program that fits your goals and around your lifestyle.  You can choose your own course schedule any day of the week (including
weekends) and learn with your own style of music.

Find out more about what we do below...

Learn with us

Always wanted to learn to dj or produce your own music?

We can help. Our custom 1 to 1 classes are conducted in studio or online are made for you and your goals.

Don't waste hours Youtube or annoying your friends trying to piece together a learning program to meet your goals.

We teach students at all skills levels so we can take you want to go with ease.

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Audio Services

Be you a content creator, podcaster, film maker, marketing department, musician, band or anything else we can help.

We offer a range of audio and post production services to help you achieve your vision

Have a project needing audio services?

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Visit our store

We make things?

Head to our store to find a ever growing range of project ready audio and media related resources

- Synth presets
- Customs samples libraries
- Projects files
- Ableton Devices
- Plus much more...

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What our clients are saying

"Braydon's 8 module intro to Ableton Live course has been amazing and have the essential tools required for Ableton track making."

Matt Munro
Ableton Student

"Braydon taught me the basics in a clear concise way, allowing me to get my hands dirty from the get go and did some basic mixing in my first lesson."

DJ Student

"Braydon explained things to me in terms I could understand them. Rather than a YouTube video telling me ‘a compressor needs to be set to this and that value, he explains why and how things work."

Ableton Student

"I am an absolute beginner and was really overwhelmed trying to learn something about DJ’ing on my own but after just 1 lesson feel can easily run a basic gig!"

DJ Student

"Braydon has taught me fairly complex composition techniques, stellar groove writing techniques and genuinely cares about his students progress."

Max L
Ableton Student

"I had a great experience collaborating with Braydon, I was able to go with some sound ideas and he took it from there and created an amazing track for me to use!!"

Isabelle Champagne
Dancer/Circus Performer

"Braydon is a great instructor. It's amazing to have a production tutor, someone who makes music everyday."

Lloyd Richards
Production Student

"I found my mixing lesson with Braydon incredibly useful. I was given instant feedback about how to improve my mixing techniques"



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