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Welcome to Module 4 - Introduction to Music Theory for Electronic Music.

We discuss the basic of music theory and how we can apply it to electronic music

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Module 4 - Major vs Minor

About this video

In this video we look at some basic music theory revision. We look at the difference between a major chord spelling and a minor spelling. Both these chords are the building block of harmony.

Module 4 - Diatonic Chords

About this video

In this video we look the major scale and the use of diatonic chords. (Only chords with notes inside the scale).

Module 4 - Chord Device

About this video

In this video we look at Ableton lives chord device. Here we can easily create complex chords and emulate the chord hold function on many synth from the past.

Module 4 - Chord and Arp Devices

About this video

In this video we look at how we can use both chord and arp device in combination to create interesting ideas inside Ableton live.

Module 4 - Scale device

About this video

In this video we look at the scale device and how we can use it to generate new and unique melodies inside sequencers. Perfect for techno or other electronic styles of music.

Module 4

Student Downloads

This week's download contains a folder of midi chords and example progressions for you try out in your productions


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