Ableton Live 8 week introduction

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Welcome to Module 7 - Mixing part 2

This module we build on what we learned in Module 6

We are going to learn about key concepts relating to the mixdown of your track, eq, saturation and masterbus processing

Notes for class

Ensure you have emailed through your projects prior to your class.

Including using the "collect all and save" function discuss in week 1.

Dropbox, Google drive or We-transfer links are all acceptable formats

Any questions just contact via email

Look forward to seeing you soon
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Module 7 - Compression Refresher

About this video

In this video we look at the basic of the ableton compressor

Module 7 - Group Processing

About this video

In this video look at group channels and processing them together to get a better blend in your project.

Module 7 - Installing 3rd Party Plugins

About this video

This video we look at how to install 3rd partty plugins and getting them to show up in your ableton live session.

Module 7 - Master Channel

About this video

In this video we look at the basic of master channel and master bus processing

Module 7


This week's download is a basic master chain you can use to get started.

I've also included a pdf which has a link to a bunch of free plugs in and samples you can down and try in your projects.


Ready for Module 8

Congratulations on completing Module 7.

Once you are ready head over to Module 8 to book your next class

Make sure you send your project through for review prior to next class
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