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What kind of classes are right for me?

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Producer Foundations

  • No experience necessary
  • Hybrid learning - 1 to 1 live classes and video resources to speed up your learning
  • Gain knowledge around music theory to help you easily work with Minor & Major scales, and how to write chord progressions and melodies
  • Learn At Your own Pace
  • Understand important mixing tools, and learn how to balance your tracks to sound more professional
  • Learn how to use presets and automation to bring your tracks to life
  • Understand fundamental tools and techniques to start creating your own unique sounds, transitions, and songs
  • Full topic list below
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Advanced Producer

  • Continue your music journey from the producer foundation and our synthesis deep dive programs into high level production program
  • For people with self taught skills we assess your skills and knowledge on case by case basis before accepting into the advanced program
  • Make your songs full and balanced with mixing, arrangement, layering, and sound design processing
  • Learn advanced mixing techniques such as parallel processing, bus routing, multiband/glue/bus compression, and dynamic EQ/compression
  • Learn advanced sound design techniques to increase the quality of your music
  • Learn advanced techniques to create the sounds and write music you hear in your head
  • Full topic list below

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Sound Professional

Are you sick of your music not sound professional?

Over the years I have discovered techniques that will you sound more professional

Improve Fast

Learning to produce music can take years and years.

This seems daunting at first. But with a great teacher you can improve your skills FAST!
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Find your sound

Everybody wants to sound unique and stand out from the crowd. We all have it in us to create something special
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Feel Confident

Not have confidence and making regular progress in your music will lead to losing interest in your passion.

Have someone to keep you accountable will help that spark alive.

Release More Music

Most people's goal is to make music and then share it with the world.

A great teacher will get you to a place where you are proud of the music you make.
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Get Music Signed

Getting music signed is a dream for most producers. The only way to get signed is to get good. Let's make that happen

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What is in the Producer Foundations?

We walk through 8 modules including:

Module 1

  • DAW Preferences
  • Concepts of Audio & MIDI Tracks
  • Standard Mixer Controls: Volume, Pan, Mute, Solo & Record Arm
  • Transport Controls, Browser, Key & MIDI Mapping
  • Introduction to Session View & Arrangement View
  • Using Core Library, Packs & External Audio Clips
  • Navigation in Arrangement View
  • Recording Ideas in Arrangement View
  • Introduction to Audio Effects

Module 2

  • Introduction to Drum Programming
  • Introduction to ADSR
  • Sample Manipulation
  • Introduction to simpler and bassline programming
  • Standard MIDI Functions: Velocity, Note Length, Pitch Bend & Modulation

Module 3

  • Introduction to Basic Synthesis with Wavetable
  • Introduction to ADSR & LFO
  • MIDI Modulation within Instruments
  • Understanding synth basics
  • Automation with synthesis 
  • Introduction to MIDI Effects

Bonus Module

  • Style deep dive
  • Learn about your favourite style and production techniques to create that sound

Module 4

  • Music theory Basic
  • Rhythm, Melody and Harmony
  • Melody structure
  • Major & Minor Scales
  • Common Chord Progressions
  • Chord Inversions

Module 5

  • From Idea to Song
  • Common arrangement structures
  • Musical Development
  • Genres conversion
  • Track Analysis

Module 6

  • Introduction to Audio Effects
  • Introduction to MIDI EffectsVarious Types of EQs & Filters
  • Spatial Effects: Echo, Delay & Reverb
  • Modulation Effects: Chorus & Flanger
  • Colour Effects: Pedal, Saturator, Amp & Overdrive

Module 7

  • Mixing Techniques
  • Volume & Frequency Balancing
  • Panning & Stereo Balance
  • Introduction to Return Tracks
  • Introduction to Compression
  • Using 3rd Party VST/AU Plug-ins with Live 10

Module 8

  • Templates
  • Export formats and preparing for mastering
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Where to from here?

What is in the Advanced Producer Program?

We walk through 8 modules including:

Module 1 - Advanced Drums

  • Organising Your Samples & Loops
  • Sample Organizers [ADSR Sample Manager]
  • Tuning Drum Samples
  • Layering Multiple Sounds
  • Groove vs Swing
  • Drum Rack Advanced
  • Drum compression topology
  • Warping drums breaks
  • Advanced drum layering
  • Micro dynamics for drum realism
  • Drum processing techniques

Module 2 - Advanced Bass

  • Phase
  • Sub deep dive
  • Mono vs Stereo bass processing
  • Writing bass-lines
  • Bass line synthesis
  • Advanced Layering
  • Advanced Sound Design
  • Soft-clipping and compression for tighter bass-lines

Module 3 - Advanced Synthesis

  • Introduction to Ableton Synths
  • Deeper into Modulation with Synths
  • 5 core types of synthesis
  • Operator
  • Wavetable
  • Kick drum synth production
  • Reverse engineering sounds
  • Analog modeling techniques

Module 4 - Advanced Midi and Sampling

  • Follow Actions in Session View
  • Linked/Unlinked Clip Automations & Modulation
  • Building Your Own Audio/MIDI Effect Chains
  • Macro Controls, Chain List & Chain Selector
  • Advanced Sampling Techniques [Simpler/Sampler/The Mangle/Granulator]
  • Creating Instruments out of Samples
  • Sampler Key/Velocity/Sample Select Zone Editors

Module 5 - Advanced Music Theory for Modern Producers

  • Advanced Arrangement Techniques
  • Introduction to Musical Modes
  • Introduction to Advanced Harmony
  • Ear Training & Active Listening Skills
  • Generative Techniques for Experimental Music
  • Polyrhythms for Electronic Musicians

Module 6 - Developing and Keeping listener attention

  • Building & Nurturing Concrete Musical Ideas
  • Making Build-ups & Drops
  • Creating Space in Your Mix
  • Reverb, Delay & Echo in Detail
  • Generative Techniques for Experimental Music
  • Mapping Marcos
  • Defining your sound

Module 7 - Advanced Mixing

  • Introduction to Controlling Dynamics
  • A Comprehensive Guide to Compression
  • Multiband Dynamics
  • Stereo Dynamics
  • Adding Character, Warmth & Glue
  • Creative 3rd Party Plug-ins & Devices

Module 8 - Advanced Mixing part 2

  • Using Glue Bus compression
  • Upwards Compression
  • Advanced Side-chain processing
  • Mid Side EQ
  • Headroom and Mixing guidelines
  • Saturation for Warmth and Shine
  • Preparing stems for remixing
  • Exporting and file formats
I live in xxxx is that a problem?

We're based in Melbourne, Australia but run a classes via Muse and Zoom as well

We current have students in Sydney, Bali, England and  taught clients in the USA and New Zealand.

What do I need for the course?

No, you don’t need a specific DAW or plugins. All the information you will learn will be universal across any platform.

Live classes are taught on your preferred DAWs

The course uses a combination of stock plugins, free to download plugins (I’ve included in the course), and some paid plugins used for demonstration and visual purposes.

How are the classes structured?

We use both live 1 to 1 classes where you can ask questions, get feedback and digital content like video and pdfs to help the learning really stick.

How long will it take to work through the course?

As long as you like really.

We offer flexible delivery so you can take classes as it suits your life.

Most new students work through each of our 8 module course over about 14 weeks -

Each module acts as a building block for the next. Ideally, Aside from our regular 1 to 1 sessions we recommend setting aside an 1 to 2 hours a week to go through the modules, plus additional time to implement what you learn.

Why learn with us?

We love music, audio production, education and help people get to where they want to go.

All our classes are design around our client and 1 to 1 means you get there faster...

I only want to know how (insert specfic) thing works I am happy learning on my own? Can I do a one off class?

Absolutely fine. Sometimes people just want to improve their knowledge around a synth or plugin rather than regularly attended classes.

We love that and run 1 to 1 flexible classes.

Just some of the things we have taught custom classes on:

- How to make music in a specific style
- Improving your drum programming
- Slicing Drum breaks for jungle/dnb
- Bassline design/Bass speaker translation
- Sync visuals to Dj sets
- Understanding compression
- EQ best practice and EQ types
- Immersion/interactive audio for theatre or spaces
- Ableton Live sets
- Music theory for Dance music
- Understanding Music and Modes
- DJing with Ableton
- Creating Backing tracks for live shows
- Introduction to specific hardware
- Introduction to specific software such as reaktor or serum
- Mix and production reviews
- Genre based sound design techniques
- Setting up interface and getting started
- Pedals and amp simulator
- Advanced Midi Controller remapping
- plus more...

What genres do you teach?

Classes are focused on you and your music journey.

We have found that people want to learn about the style they love but don't know how it is put together.

Current we have students doing - Trap/Modern Hiphop, Afro, Big-room Psy, Raw techno, 80's Noise rock and Idm, Organic house, Stutter/low-fi house, Progressive house, Indie dance, house, Tech house, 00 era Electro/Breakbeat, Rusko era Dubstep, Melodic Techno.

Previously we have had students doing Classic EDM, Modern EDM, Hybrid Trap, Bass house, Boom Bap era Hip hop plus more...we just love music at the end of the day and we want you to learn things about music you love and who know maybe one day you'll love Abba as much as us.

For beginners we shape your introduction to music production around your favourite styles alongside foundation to make music in any genre. For advance students we don't just teach you how a DAW works instead we dive into the styles of the genres so you can really get the sound you want to here.

What if I hate music production classes do I have to finish it?

Obviously not...

We hope you love it as much as us.

If life happens and you need to stop classes totally ok.

You don't need to complete the course.

With us you pay for each module as you go.

This means no big upfront fee

Can I find the same information online for free? Why would I get a teacher

If you spend enough time, you can dig up just about anything on Google.

The problem is, you’ll likely find misleading and conflicting information (and waste a lot of time doing it).

This means people offer spend time on the wrong things for their current skillset or just watching random videos not actually making any music.With a good coach who actually cares about your progress you actually MAKE progress.

We keep up with the latest technology, genres styles and best practices so you don’t have to worry about your learning plan.

We hear all the time from students it's not just the teaching it's the accountability that really help get where them where they want to go...

I'm not sure classes are right for me? Can I have a free sample?

Totally understand.

You are welcome to sign up via this link and get a FREE 1 hr pre-recorded class on Ableton live.

It's for totally beginners and let you get a idea on how much information we pack into classes.

Grab your Free 1hr Introduction Class now

If you want to a further chat you can either send us a message below or schedule a calendly appointment to have a quick zoom chat

I have other questions not listed here

Not a problem!

Happy to answer any questions you may have.

Just fill out the form below and we'll get right back to you

Take The NEXt Steps

Need something more custom?

We also offer custom 1 on 1 in-person or online Music Production and Audio Technology classes

Customised to fit the student’s interest, experience and age level.

Why 1 on 1?

✅   Personal Learning - we customise classes to fit around your interest, skills and learning pace

✅   Flexible Scheduling - take classes to fit around your life

✅   Faster skill development and quicker achievement of music production milestones.

✅   Get Immediate feedback, guidance, and support to grow as musicians/producers.

✅   100% class time is about you. This means your progress will sky rocket.

✅   A Content Creators looking to be able to create, record and edit their own podcast or audio related content

What you could learn?

  • Sound Design - How to make the sounds in your head
  • Contemporary Music Theory - How to find the right chords
  • Mixing, Polishing & Finalizing Tracks
  • Song Structure & Arrangement
  • Drum Production and Beat Making
  • Workflow, Productivity & DAW Mastery
  • Demo recording at Home
  • Ableton Live for Live performance
  • Ableton Live as a DJ Tool
  • Midi controllers
  • DJ skills

Software we work with:

  • Ableton Live
  • Protools
  • Logic Pro
  • MPC beats
  • Adobe Audition
  • Resolume for VJs
  • Garage Band

The Results Guarantee

We so confident in our classes and that we guarantee that if you're not seeing progress after attending regular classes for 30 days, we'll give you your money back.

No questions asked


Check out some of our google reviews

"Just had my first lesson and it’s safe to say I’ll be going back, enjoyed every moment of the class as well as the friendly service."

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"Braydon is an awesome teacher/mentor he has taught me so much in these past few months. Very happy with his services"

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George lambas

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"I just had my first session with Braydon and I am feeling super inspired and much more confident in myself. He explains things in such an easy to grasp manner that you can implement the new tips immediately. Really looking forward to the next session"

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Ben Kennedy

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