Ableton Live 8 week introduction

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Welcome to week 6 - Introduction to Mixdowns:

This module we learn about key concepts relating to the mixdown of your track, such as decibels, best interface settings and workflow

Notes for class

Ensure you have emailed through your projects prior to your class.

Including using the "collect all and save" function discuss in week 1.

Dropbox, Google drive or We-transfer links are all acceptable formats

Any questions just contact via email

Look forward to seeing you soon
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Module 6 - EQ refresher

About this Video

In this video we look at the basic controller on the EQ inside Ableton

Module 6 - Routing the Reference

About this Video

In this video we look at the use of reference tracks and setting them to use on your project.

Module 6 - Initial Balance

About this Video

In this video we look at an easy way to start your track for mixing

Module 6 - Channel Clipping

About this Video

In this video we look an important thing to keep in mind as you are mixing your project.

Module 6


This Module's download is a free collection of mixing and mastering macro devices you can use in your production. These are things you can use, modify or even see how they are put together to create your own macros


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