Modern Hip Hop Drums Vol 1

Inspired by modern hip-hop production like Pop Smoke
Drake and Migos, this pack is the shortcut to the outstanding
Drum shots ready to bring your track to life

We used a combination of analogue and digital processing to
ensure each 1 shot sample is radio-ready out of the book for
your productions.

Inside you'll find 250 drums samples - kick, snare, perc and more ready for your beats

Modern Hip Hop Drums Vol 1

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We do actually.

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What is Fast Turnaround?

By adding + Fast Turnaround to your order, you will receive your initial mix back the next working day and your order will be made a priority to be completed ASAP. Turnaround time still varies as this very much depends on how quick you are able to listen to the mix and confirm it is ready for mastering.

What is an Apple Master?

By adding + Apple Digital Master to your order, you will receive back both the stereo master as well as the Hi Res 96k Apple Digital Master. This master can then be released on Apple Music as an official Hi Res Apple Digital Master that is optimised specifically for Apple Music. All Apple Digital Masters receive a badge and are marketed as an official Hi Res Apple Digital Master on Apple Music.

What are Mixed Stems?

By adding + Mixed Stems to your order, you will receive back all stems as they are mixed in the session. Mixed stems will included all mixed buses as well as any reverb and delay sends. Playback of the mixed stems will playback as the finished stereo mix does. Mixed stems can be used for remix purposes and further production.

What do you mean Stem or Track Count?

Under the Services / Stem Count tab you can select the amount of stems / audio files you will be sending to be mixed.

  • 2-10 Stem Mix
  • 11-25 Stem Mix
  • 26-50 Stem Mix
  • 51-100 Stem Mix

The more stems you are able to provide, the more flexibility we have to mix and process each individual sound.

How to Place an Order?

Using the drop down menu above you can build your package exactly as you want it.

  • Service / Stem Count (select how many stems you will be sending for mixing)
  • + Stereo Master (select to add stereo mastering)
  • + Alternate Mixes (select to add instrumental, radio edit or extended edit)
  • + Mixed Stems (select to receive your individual mixed stems)
  • + Apple Digital Master (select to add apple digital mastering)
  • + Vinyl Master (select to add vinyl mastering)
  • + Alternate Stereo Master (select to add instrumental, radio edit or extended edit)
  • + Stereo Mastered Stems (select to receive your stems mastered)

Once you have your package built and you are ready to place your order.

Select the amount of songs you wish to have mastered and click add to basket. Proceed through the checkout system and pay for your mastering using PayPal or Worldpay.

Once checkout is complete you'll recieve an email on how to upload your project files


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Modern Hip Hop Drums Vol 1

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